Monday, February 1, 2010

The Magic of January Rays!

Why are these folks looking so happy, though huddled together? It's because (1) it's a bright, sunny January day, whose rays take the edge off a frosty start for our ride, and (2) because they eschewed a route that included the shadowy, arctic, creek-chilled, and icy-patched Lefthand and James Canyons.

John Klever instigated this fine execution of the Platteville Poke-Along 205km: John on the left joined by (L-R) Jane Yant, Leslie Sutton, and JLE (as whiskers):

There was time for conviviality at the Lyons Diamond Shamrock. The store entrance is north-facing, in shadow, but smart randonneurs have sidled around to the side, to find life-giving photons!

At the south-facing entrance to Sandy's Convenience Store, Leslie demonstrates another important rando principle: multitasking! Leslie is simultaneously stretching, resting her eyes, maximizing her vitamin D absorption, and eating her sandwich.

Hopefully we can enjoy a few more brilliant, wind-free days before the spring snows move in!

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