Thursday, January 21, 2010

ACP PBP'11 Brochure Posted

RUSA has posted the new Paris-Brest-Paris brochure from the Audax Club Parisien. The brochure has quite a lot of info about pre-registration, qualifying, registration, inspection, start times, and many other details. Some salient ones:
  • Event is August 21-25.
  • Starts are:
    • 5pm (80h)
    • 6:30pm (90h)
    • 5am (84h)
    This is earlier than in years past for the 80h and 90h riders.

Pre-registration in 2011 is available starting as follows, depending on your longest ACP brevet in 2010:

  • 1000km* - April 3
  • 600km - April 17
  • 400km - May 1
  • 300km - May 15
  • 200km - May 29

*A Randonneurs Mondiaux 1200km+ event such as the Last Chance may be substituted for a 1000k brevet. This is a change of policy from what the ACP earlier stated.

General registration starts June 4. Pre-registrants keep their place in line, as we understand it, so long as they satisfy their qualification requirements by late June.

This is a very well-done and content-rich brochure, so please have a look if you may be interested in PBP'11.


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