Monday, January 4, 2010

Is It Winter Yet?

Some folks start off the New Year with a plunge into icy waters - but they soon scamper out. Randonneurs opt instead for riding 9-11 hours in arctic conditions before calling it a day. Here is Michelle Grainger on the Platteville Poke-Along on January 2nd, skirting a wall of snow near Masonville (click to enlarge):

Late fall bode some nice days for riders like Tammie Nakamura and David Groat, just finishing their Roggen Roundabout below. It was David's first Permanent, but he's a veteran of the Black Forest 300k and Denver-Aspen. And yet, Tammie N. and Irene Takahashi were our first of the year randonneuses, with a chilly Kersey Kick on New Year's Day!

Ah, to milder times a mere month ago, when folks could stop to snack and gather oxygen molecules at their leisure in the outdoors:

Have some winter stories? Let me know!

And best wishes for happy riding in the New Year! AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are thinking of going to Paris next year, or earning a RUSA award this year, make sure your RUSA membership is current now.

-john lee

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