Monday, January 11, 2010

Eau de Hell Week Beckons in BC!

Our friend and six-time Last Chance 1200k finisher (oh, and multi-time record-setter!) Ken Bonner wonders if some of us might like the chance to earn Super-Randonneur status in one week on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Here is an evocative Eau de Hellweek photo from the BC Randonneurs website:
This week of fun (you have an entire week to complete the series) starts April 10, right in the middle of our second snowiest month. This series has been held for the past three years, so they most likely have all the kinks ironed out. Ken also organizes the VanIsle 1200k, scheduled this year for July 21-25, another scenic ride you might enjoy:

Intrigued? Contact Ken and the BC Randonneurs for details!


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