Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Tale of Two Permanents

On a bright spring day when three of our local riders (Tammie, Irene, and Dick) were greeting saguaro cactuses (cacti?) on Susan Plonsky's Arivaca 400k in Arizona...

... a few of us were in for some social encounters on local 200k's.

Here are Tim "Foon" Feldman and "Corsica" Bob Barday discussing the aerodynamic aspects of Carradice bags as their paths crossed on common segments of the James Canyon Jaunt 200k and the Platteville Poke-Along 200k, respectively:

You know spring is here when you can actually flap your gums during a roadside pause without freezing them off! Bob by the way is sporting the "Nelson" model, roomy but not quite as capacious as Sheldon Brown's Carrababy product.


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