Friday, April 2, 2010

How is the Flèche Shaping Up?

Flèche teams are starting to come together! Teams need to send in their applications by April 15, for the May 7-10 event. Here's how things look right now:

  • Painted Turtle/Gnu-Matic (Tim Dodge, captain) - "I'd like to ride with people who plan on 6-8 off-bike hours -- 8 would be ideal! With a riding distance of roughly 380km, estimating the minimum 360km plus 20 bonus kilometers, I would be comfortable with an average riding speed of 21-24 kph or 13-15 mph. (Of course plans change with weather, mechanicals, etc.)"
  • Escargot (Bob Barday, captain) - "Team Escargot would make a big loop out of Superior, just like Team Prairie Dog, but head south instead of north. I will supply more details if it looks like the addition of such a team is necessary to accommodate myself and 2 to 4 other slow riders."
  • Deer with Headlights (Catherine Shenk, captain) - "Since this is a team event, I am going to ask that we ride together as much as possible."

RIDERS in the Market for Teams

The teams have some members already. If you are interested in a particular team, contact its captain. If you would like to be added to the aspiring riders list, let me know.



  1. Thanks for coordinating this, John. I've traded emails with Bob Bruce and we're going to get together at the Populaire this weekend. A 4th and even 5th team member would be great. Also, as Catherine S. mentioned, we think this is a team event.

    We're thinking about a central Denver start, probably around the DU area with safe parking, then heading north along the foothills and east into the plains before ending at JLE's house.

    Please let me know if you're interested!

  2. Got an email from Tom Knoblach. Hoping we can field 4 riders! Stay tuned.