Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snow and Tranquillity on the Peak-to-Peak!

Yes, the ski areas boast great snow and big dumps, and we continue to experience our dustings, but it's high time to pedal up to the High Country! The Glen Haven Gallivant 200k seemed like just the right climb for me - great views, lots of brilliant snow, and a quietude soon to disappear even at 9,000 ft. on the Peak-to-Peak Highway:

Each turn brought a new vista into view:

At the Meeker checkpoint, the Meeker Lodge Store was closed up tight as a drum of course, but you could look west across the street to Meeker Peak:

And sauntering four miles further upwards gave you nice angles on its pal, Long's Peak:

All to bid farewell to the Peak-to-Peak and Indian Peak range before plummeting down the Devil's Gulch switchbacks:

... and receive the all-too-expected news that we'll have to wait a bit before enjoying the succulent cinnamon rolls at the Glen Haven General Store ...

A contemplative and breathtaking ride (yes, easy to say at 9,000 ft.). Nice enough in fact for fellow rando enthusiast Irene Takahashi to essay the next day:
The message is clear: strap on those climbing legs and start enjoying the serene high country during this blissful period!

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