Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Drake Doubleback 200k Brevet Yet!

With 52 riders showing up for the inaugural Drake Doubleback 200km brevet on April 17 - despite glowering overcast and incipient fog - clearly folks knew a good ride when they saw it! Most if not all the course is group friendly - lightly rolling for the most part. Riders could stay together and enjoy each others' company:

Catherine Shenk photo

The only real climb is the shallow one up Big Thompson Canyon. Today as usual riders got an upcanyon tailwind to push them uphill (and slow their descent), making them feel especially jaunty for this group photo at the Drake turnaround:

CS Photo

After Big Thompson, it was a fast trek plains-ward, as sprinkles turned into real rain towards the Rando Vortex of Platteville. And yet, for many riders the sun broke through on the final stretch, at least justifying some folks' sunglass choices. Here is Ted Warm finishing his very first 200k:
... while multi-PBP and multi-Super-Randonneur veteran Brian Rapp looks fairly pleased as well! (That's Michelle Grainger cogitating in the background):

To everyone who showed up for this great ride, thank you for coming, and we hope you enjoyed it! To those longing for even more strenuous climbs, the Stove Prairie 200k on May 1 awaits!


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