Friday, April 5, 2013

Peaceful Valley Promenade - A New Permanent!

Is it too early to ride the brand new Peaceful Valley Promenade 101km Permanent Populaire?  It tried it out on March 30 and had a good time. 
After the previous weekend's big dump, a snowy scene from Flagstaff Road in Boulder - what will this mean for venturing towards the High Country?

It's a bright, sunny, breezy day and shorts weather on the plains, with many cyclists swarming the pavement.  From the Niwot area, though, you can see some action on the Divide ... the direction in which we're heading.

A hint of snowy remnants in lower S. St. Vrain Canyon leaving Lyons.

More snow cover and rushing stream farther up.

And just a burble of water flow under a blanket of snow on Riverside Road past Raymond.

And snow showers above Mt. St. Vrain (I think), with a few wandering flakes flying past yours truly.

A nice turn-around point after some good climbing.

Give it a try!  It's virtually entirely scenic, and downhill almost all of the way back.


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