Monday, April 29, 2013

Sun and Snow at the Stove Prairie 200k!

It's the story of our April this year.  Tuesday and it's still a winter wonderland in eastern Boulder County from the latest weekly snow dump.
Narry a trace left by Saturday's Stove Prairie start.  A good turnout with 34 eager riders!

This is in fact the mildest Stove Prairie start in years!

Horsetooth Reservoir was simply shimmering, and made more interesting, too, with gusty winds that had come up. 
Jeremy Schlacter, newly relocated from Fort Worth, land of the Lone Star Randonneurs, makes a strong climb up one of the stiff Horsetooth grades on his first rando foray in Colorado.

Jeremy's great rando bike on display during the stop at Vern's!

Poudre Canyon scenic as always, with the added bonus of the snowfields, unfortunately more visible because of last summer's High Park fire.

A nice, shallow climb as always!

Green has not yet come to Stove Prairie, but only hints of snow.

Plenty piled up at the Stove Prairie junction, though!

From there, riders sailed back down hill on a brisk tailwind to Masonville, and on to the finish.
Brian Rapp and Todd LeBlanc

Brian with Laurie and Mark Stanton. 
Mark completed all three April 200k's.  For Laurie it was her first 200k event ever, after pre-riding this course last weekend.

Jeremy Schlacter and Bob Dean

Henry Snavely ... leaving the frame as he's biking back to Louisville.

Hope everyone had a great time on this brilliant day!
- jle

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