Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is May Here Yet?

Glen Haven Gallivant 201km Permanent

Another Monday in April, another barrage of snow!  This is now the snowiest April on record.  Here on Tuesday, a wintry but scintillating scene, and only down to 20º, not like the record 10º low the week before.  A fine breakfast ride!

By the weekend, conditions were propitious for some training and a foray into nature.  The climb up the Glen Haven Road is just fine, bordered by snowfields.

Green De Rosa enjoys a pause in a snowy spot just short of Glen Haven.  I had a sandwich.
The Glen Haven General Store is of course not open yet, but the proprietor's big red pickup was out front, as he dusted off the cobwebs and assured the ovens were well oiled for their famous cinnamon rolls.

The view into Rocky Mountain National Park from atop the Devil's Gulch switchbacks:

Twin Sisters clothed in snow ...

I often take a shot of Long's and Meeker - usually with a view of the Keyhole.  Here they are, shrouded in cloud:

One plus, though, is that the Peak-to-Peak Highway is pretty quiet!

Descending St. Vrain Canyon, though, the gushing runoff reminds us that spring is near!


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