Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a Ride! The Jamestown-Raymond 400k/600k!

Remember how May started off?

Yes, a winter wonderland, carrying over April's pattern!
By the time of the mid-month "early bird" 400k/600k, the snow had given way to lush green. 
This course makes it easy to stay together for the first 100k to the Greenbriar, and after that, if you work at it.
Here are John Flanigan, Greg Courtney, and Todd LeBlanc in their 1200k jerseys.  Greg has completed the Last Chance as well, but didn't get the word that LC was today's theme.  (Nor did I, donning a Colorado High Country 1200 vest instead.)

Plenty of entertainment to note at the Jamestown Mercantile.

Less snow near Raymond than a week ago on the 300k, but still a few snow mounds left!
(Green De Rosa provides scale.)

And what better bonus  than to meet a pair of randonneurs at the Raymond Store on their own randonnée. 
Steve Le Goff and Michelle Grainger provided bright vests and bright smiles in the middle of Michelle's "Everybody Loves Raymond" 100km Permanent Populaire.

Spring runoff is just starting, just as the first leaves peek out on the trees.

This "early bird" date was added mainly for folks wanting to train or qualify for earlier-season 1200k's (Shenandoah, Gold Rush Randonnée, Colorado High Country ...), but it has become popular also for randonneurs wanting to get a jump on training, and those who might prefer crisp temps to toastier ones.
The approach to Louisville at the end of the first loop and (here) the second showcased a cloud- and snow-bedecked Front Range.

Thanks everyone who rode, and now you're set up nicely for the June events!

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