Sunday, May 30, 2010

400k Checkout Ride a Blustery Success!

The 400k checkout ride proved both useful and adventurous! After taking the dirt road detour on Monarch, I see that the new bridge on Niwot and 55th is open, so that will be nice for the actual event.

A warm upcanyon wind wafted up Lefthand Canyon. A good hint of heat training. At Ward, I find we'll need a new info question, as the old question has not survived the winter. Mild, comfy conditions on the Peak-to-Peak, with a snowy view of Mt. Toll:

An hour short of Wellington, a cold front comes through ... like last Saturday on the 600k! A dozen miles of stiff headwind are rewarded by the sight in Wellington of the flag blowing in what will be our direction:

Part of that mix, however, would be succession of showers, some pea-sized hail, and some lightning (largely confined to the clouds). It turned "refreshingly cool" meaning your rain jacket came in handy for warmth, and ditto for the showercap under the helmet.

Soon enough, the sun peeks through as sprinkles continue on verdent green fields:

... and a fine sunset on 95th St. adds a picturesque wrap-up:

Join us for the "real" 400k next weekend!

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