Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Windy Time on the "Early" St. Vrain 600k!

Strong, gusty, toasty SW winds accompanied the 12 starters on this "special," early 600km, a month earlier than our traditional 600k. The winds "enhanced" the climbing workout up St. Vrain Canyon and the hydration requirements even on the Peak-to-Peak Highway, where the traditional resorts had yet to open and riders had to be resourceful finding water. (Cathy Cramer took advantage of Crystal Springs in Allenspark.)

Good thing there was lots of scenery to go around, and at this season the traffic was light , too. Here are Michelle Grainger and JLE looking towards Meeker Peak (Steve Le Goff photo):

The tailwind up to Owl Canyon Road caused many a dour reflection about how much wind fighting there would be after the Wellington turnaround. Then just before 5pm, a cold front blew through, raising dust and tumbleweeds, but lowering temps to air conditioned levels and wafting riders homeward.

The dust and blowing cloud set up a silvery sunset above the mountains:

Steve and Michelle are happy enough with that NNE tailwind however chilly it had become:

The next day started off chilly, in the low 40's, but the mild temps were welcome and the winds generally favorable. That plus burritos at Kersey made for a pleasant second loop. And you could avoid most of the chill entirely if you were like Paul Foley and Vernon Smith and slept in until 6am, after a full night's sleep:

Here's hoping all the finishers had a cheery finish, and that those of you riding the June 19 600k will, too!


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