Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring After All on the Stove Prairie 200k!

After repeated snows over the past weeks, May 1 bode a very iffy forecast, with a rain and snow-shower mix among the possibilities. A mere week before, this was the scene on the Stove Prairie Saunter 200k Permanent:

A plow had even made a snow wall convenient for bike leaning:

But for the brevet things cleared up and although temps were cool, we had a fair amount of sun. Tom Knoblauch had a good climb up from Poudre Canyon:

After the showery Drake Doubleback 200k two weeks before, many folks came equipped for anything. Eric Simmons topping out on the Stove Prairie summit:

Some of these grades are actually 12% ... but some are steeper!

Towards the base of the descent, a small waterfall offers another hint of spring:

We had a healthy turnout, over 40 riders, especially considering the forecast, and there were a lot of smiles at the finish, having surmounted the Horsetooth and Stove Prairie climbs. This included veteran randonneurs we haven't seen on brevets since PBP'07, such as ... Merle Baranczyk from Salida:

... and Charlie Henderson, giving some tips to Leslie Sutton:

Rounding out the PBP'07 returnees, Gary Koenig may have discovered the fun segments in this climbfest. Judging from the smiles at the finish, a rewarding time for the riders. Thanks for braving the forecast and joining in!


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  1. Trucks use lower gear, bikes use higher one. Great pix.

    Mike / Raleigh
    Research Trailer Park