Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2010 Result Mailing on its Way!

While the mountains have lured us with great snow ...
as at Snow Mountain Ranch:

... yet local roads have been great for riding a Permanent ... for example, past ice covered Baseline Lake in front of the Flatirons graced with a cloud of snow from the mountains:

 ... there's been plenty of indoor time to affix ACP stickers from Paris to your brevet cards:

... and compile them all into a growing raft of envelopes:

... wending their way to you.  Whether your envelope is a particularly thick one or on the slimmer side, I hope it contains fond reminders - perhaps a coffee or grease spot here or there - of a season well spent ... and tough rides survived!

And hopefully, too, an energizer to start ramping up for your 2011 season!


P.S. You can also see the 2010 consolidated rider results online.

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