Monday, February 21, 2011

A Raft of New Permanents to Explore!

We've had some good tastes of winter here on the plains:

But plenty of sun, mild days, and dry roads, too:

Permanents let you pick and choose the choice days to get in a good, long ride.  With friends, all the better!  Here is Irene Takahashi enjoying the Roggen Roundabout:

A dozen new permanent routes were added in the course of last year, ranging all the way from the Lyons-Berthoud Bump-Along 100k through Brent Myers' 428km Rocky Mountain High.  These are shaded on the Colorado Permanents page.  A sampling:
  • Carter Lake Cakewalk 206k - Skirting the foothills, where it's often warmer in winter days than further out on the Plains.  Punctuated by occasional short climbs to keep the blood moving.
  • Coal Creek Calypso 219k - A Peak-to-Peak permanent, this one featuring the climb up Coal Creek Canyon.  A milder-day opportunity.
  • Golden Gate Gadabout 210k - Another Peak-to-Peak permanent, featuring Golden Gate Canyon, oh, and spurs to Eldora and Rabbit Mountain.
  • Lyons-Berthoud Bump-Along 103k - Perfect for the P-12 aspirant or stretching your legs whena 200k is not in the cards.
  • Rocky Mountain High 428k - Brent Myers' point-to-point from the Amtrak station in Grand Junction to Union Station in Denver.
Not all of these are early-season routes, but certainly ones to keep in mind as the season unfolds.

Meanwhile, enjoy those dry, sunny winter days before spring snows move in!


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