Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Slight Brush with Winter!

Hard to resist a Permanent in February that starts above freezing. In fact, at the same moment a thousand miles west, the Santa Cruz 300k brevet was starting off only a couple degrees warmer.

But ... very different prospects!  Topping out above 80º there; devolving to below freezing at the finish line here.

A scenic if icy panorama in Paradise Valley: 

 Heading east from Campion, the sweep of the foothills-born snow cells:

And interesting patterns crossing the South Platte:

I had lucked out since mid-morning when the blustery cold front blew through.  It had brought a succession of spotty snow showers, all of which I'd managed to miss.  Just a bit of wet pavement in their wake. 

That's why the final hour from Erie to the finish - a hint of spitting snow flurries building into actual real snow with some slippery final miles - was more of an adventure - "the rando experience" - rather than a true bother.

... and still not as snow-encased as Irene's ride a year ago ...

A happy finish for a February outing!


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