Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Crossover between the randonneuring and competitive ultra world has been a natural phenomenon lo these many years.  Lon Haldeman, multi-time RAAM champion was also the Ultra-Cycling Marathon Association (UMCA) liaison to International Randonneurs (the US rando organization in the 80's and into the 90's) ... and a brevet organizer ... and multi-time Paris-Brest-Paris finisher.

I read Lon's account of a soggy PBP'87 and wondered how I would do, slogging through drenching conditions and sleeping on bales of hay.  It colored my preparation.

Nancy Guth (right, below) and Mary Florian (left), both Colorado Last Chance 1200k veterans, will be starting the Race Across America (RAAM) on Thursday as a two-person team, Team RAAMBoomers:

Maybe you have friends or bike pals who are doing RAAM.  I do.  We wish all of the RAAM participants a safe ride and the best of luck!

p.s. Tim "Foon" Feldman points out that our local friend Tom Lavalee from Denver is now under way at solo RAAM.  We  certainly  send our best withes to Tom, an accomplished ultracyclist!  Hopefully this good finish at last year's Last Chance wil l buoy him up!

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  1. 2010 Last Chance veteran Thomas Lavallee is a 2011 solo RAAM entrant.