Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Farewell to Spring at the St. Vrain 400k/600k/1000k!

Riders could enjoy really fine conditions on this wrap-up of spring brevets ... while looking back on the winds, heat, cold, and snow mere weeks before.
Rarin' to go at the ride start.  -- Michelle Grainger photo:

 We had visitors from afar, including our friend Deb Banks formerly of Boulder.

Michelle, Irene Takahashi, Cathy Crame, and Deb Banks (below)
Michelle photo:

Tailwinds up St. Vrain Canyon made for a refreshing climb to the Peak-to-Peak.
Michelle zooms toward Meeker.  Steve Le Goff photo.

I even had my picture taken.  Another excuse to stretch the legs.
Paul Foley photo:

Meeker Peak looking refreshing:

And Longs maybe not quite ready for high-season climbing:

At the Meeker Park Lodge, "Cheery" Vernon Smith and Paul Foley take a break,
shoes removed as per lodge store etiquette:

A pleasant backroads interlude at the mouth of Big Thompson Canyon:

Not all was tranquillity, however, as Steve Le Goff tried to extract a cyclist
from a predicament.  - Michelle photo

A blackbird surveys Longs and Meeker, now in the distance:

And the day winds down on some satisfying kilometers:

Hope your season has been rewarding so far!


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  1. Nice job everyone! I love the photo with Steve and the hay bale. Was that in Masonville? Somehow I totally missed it.

    Here are some pics and a writeup from the 600k:

    I don't think we could have had better weather.