Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pleasantest Lefthand 400k Yet?

After a spate of typical spring blustery, snowy weather, we had mild, dry, and only occasionally breezy conditions for the Lefthand 400k.  A coyote crossed the parking lot as riders assembled - guess it was a good omen?  26 riders started:

Ray Rupel - here on the Foothills Highway - rode 54 miles to the start from his home in Littleton (making sure he's doing long enough rides in the ramp up to Paris):

 The Indian Peaks still have lots and lots of snow on them!

Riders were treated to lush, green landscapes, thanks to recent rains, and the smell of freshly-cut hay near Platteville.  Heading into a stiff breeze on the homebound stretch past Wellington, riders found a pleasant distraction in the form of dozens and dozens of mint-condition antique cars, hot-rods, and what have you cruising up and down our route, part of a giant car show near Loveland.

Some folks upped the camaraderie, like this group taking a break at the Johnstown control: Brian Rapp, Foon Feldman, John Flanigan, Michael Henderson, Lloyd Jones, and Paul Foley:

It's nice to have a brevet occasionally where you're simply riding and enjoying the day, not jousting against the elements!


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