Monday, May 14, 2012

Black Forest 300k a Cool Treat!

A cool, damp day with soggy forecast greeted the 14 stalwart riders who started off into the predawn murk on the Black Forest 300k.

Fortunately, the rain held off most of the day, and things even brightened up a bit towards Black Forest.

Paul Foley, Foon Feldman, and Tom Knoblauch blur past Chatfield Reservoir:

John Mangin shows off his powerful hub dynamo lighting system:

Ronaele Foss and Bob Dean:

A fast rider or a slow photographer?

Brent and Beth Myers chat with Tammie Nakamura (who graciously collected brevet cards at the finish!):

Tom Knoblauch banks down Perry Park Road:

Out of a fogbank, Foon Feldman and Paul Foley surmount the big climb coming into Larkspur:

... and pause to enjoy officially provided cookies, water, and coffee in Larkspur, as they arrive before the store opens:

Diane Benoit, similarly early, takes time to grab a cookie for the road:

John Mangin shows off his Selle Anatomica skyward-pointing saddle, joining other fashionable riders such as Steve Le Goff in that seat angle:

Bob Dean pulls into Larkspur, satisfied at the prospect a cool, refreshing ride:

Showers caught some riders late in the day, but a fine rando performance, and, looking on the bright side, no repeat of last year's rain/snow mix!


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