Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Breezy Stove Prairie 200k Brevet!

With sleet, showers, and snow flurries gracing Stove Prairie 200k's of the past, sunny temps in the 60's didn't seem too bad.  A nice start seemed to bode well.

But a flag pointing straight east gave a clue for the "extra effort" riders would be putting out all day, starting into a westerly wind that veered as the riders turned to provide perhaps the most total headwind of any Stove Prairie to date.

The Stove Prairie climb is strenuous enough for most of us, but Steve Le Goff, preriding the brevet, used his saddle angle to "accentuate" the grade.

Foon Feldman, Lloyd Jones, and Steve Rudolph turned in a good performance, pleased that Foon had aero bars to take some edge off the wind.

John Mangin, Will deRosset, Paul Foley, and Brian Rapp had a fine ride working together.

Bob Dean says with two 200k's under his belt for April, he's ready to move on to the big rides next month, as  Cary Stewart looks on.

And Beth and Brent Myers reported quite a successful ride - a good finishing time, with the fun and camaraderie that sometimes accompanies tandem riding.

We had dry, sunny weather for the three 200k's on successive April weekends: Drake Doubleback, Falcon-Limon-Kiowa, and Stove Prairie.  A number of riders did two, and Foon Feldman, Scott Herget, and Patrick Nourse did all three!

There are two 300k's and a 400k or 600k in May, so plenty to look forward to now that you're trained up!


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