Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quad State Crusade - Four States in One Go!

Crista Borras, RUSA's Permanista (Permanents Coordinator) par excellence, has designed a scenic, challenging four-state 200k called the Quad State Crusade

"Another Hill"  (Bill Beck photo)

The topo map below gives a clue to the "corduroy" terrain gracing much of the route (controls flagged as "i"; a suggested lunch spot also flagged):

If you happen to be traveling to that area, this perm would be an enjoyable way to tag four states for your American Explorer tally ... or just to have some fun!

Entering Pennsylvania (Bill Beck photo):

Crista Borras and Chuck Wood admiring the view at Prospect Peak overlooking the Potomac (B. Beck photo):

With the advent of the American Explorer Award, we should see more and more tri-, quad-, and other multistate routes. Crista's is a great first example of a four-state perm route!

You can see more of Bill Beck's well-captioned slideshow from which these photos were taken with gracious permission.  Portrayed, among other things, is the drama of what to do on finding that Unger's Store has closed.


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