Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Look Back at Riding in May

As May unfolds,
a look back at recent Mays' events
and the fun of riding together!

Colorado Front Range Flèche

Excellent weather, three great teams, and for the all-important brunch, a great venue, the Sweet Spot Cafe at the Coal Creek Golf Course, which Catherine Shenk found for us.

Après Flèche brunch for the three teams (2019)

Après Flèche brunch for les Lanternes Rouges (2018)

Black Forest 300k

One of the chillier Black Forest 300k's ... but no snow dump, as in some years past!

Climbing Spruce Mountain Road
on a chilly Black Forest 300k
- Paul Foley photo (2018) -

A strangely sunny and serene view of Pike's Peak (2017)

Poudre Canyon (Rustic) 300k/400k/600k

This is the "early bird" 400k and 600k, and pretty benign by historical standards, which normally include chilling rain or snow.

Pre-dawn on the Poudre Canyon 400k/600k  (2019)
- Ray Rupel photo -

Up Poudre Canyon ... 2018
- Brett Cook photo -

Heading out on the second day of the 600k (2018)

Poudre Pass
featured on the North Park - Laramie - Cheyenne 600k  (2019)

North Park
featured on the North Park - Laramie - Cheyenne 600k  (2019)

Enjoy these memories of fine riding in Mays past!


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