Saturday, May 9, 2020

April ... without events

Normally in April we would be together, riding the Horsetooth Hop Populaire, and the On A Lark and Stove Prairie 200k brevets. This April we've had to adapt, as randos and as citizens. Fortunately, we can still get out, and are graced with wonderful places to ride in our backyard.

I hope you've able to get in some restorative and therapeutic miles. At least two fellow randos crossed paths with mine on these jaunts.

Some of my April outings ...

Lefthand Canyon

Approaching milepost 15 in Lefthand Canyon

A nice spot for a pause and a bite.
You can see the Sawmill Road cut delineated by snow.

Nice waterflow down Lefthand Creek ...

... and snowball inscriptions.

Stove Prairie 200k Brevet Route

This ride mostly followed the traditionally spring Stove Prairie 200k brevet route.

Rock outcroppings in Poudre Canyon

Stove Prairie intersection.
With a pile of snow suitably adorning the stop sign.

Snowy view from the county line road
heading in to the finish.

Raymond Lollipop

Historic Raymond Store boarded up and for sale.

High point of the newly-minted Lollipop
on the Peak-to-Peak Highway

Big Thompson Canyon

Road 22H at base of Big Thompson Canyon

St. Vrain - Lefthand Loop

Something like the Lefthand Loopette 100k, but made into a century. 

Above Peaceful Valley

Mt. Toll and the Indian Peaks

A delightful day to be alone, save for the company of the mountains ...
and the occasional wave from other contemplative cyclists.

 Best wishes to you in this challenging time.


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  1. Thanks JLE !!! Great photos, and a nice reminder that, despite the pandemic, life must go on.