Thursday, May 21, 2020

Glen Haven update

On May 6, I headed from home up Big Thompson Canyon to Glen Haven.
My first visit since last season!

Paused briefly at the new rock cut on US-34, which I think they termed the flyover, as it puts the new road above the old one, and above the river.

Post-flood "flyover" rock cut in Big Thompson Canyon

They have taken up the pavement on the old stretch and strewn it with boulders, presumably to deter motorists. But anglers still have good access.

Old road alignment

They have, however, installed this access gate to a property's driveway. You can only get past it by driving (or walking, biking, etc.) around it on the dirt.

Secure gate at start of old road alignment

 A sign of "real" spring on the Colorado Front Range is that the Glen Haven Store - with its beloved cinnamon rolls - will be opening.

Glen Haven still looks like a (very tidy) ghost town compared with pre-flood. The only buildings left are the post office, store, Inn at Glen Haven, and (new) firehouse.

Glen Haven Store - opens May 22!

And a bit further up lies Devil's Gulch, either for a cinnamon roll powered climb or a cinnamon roll anticipatory descent.

Devil's Gulch beckons!

Another reminder of how lucky we are to have these areas so close at hand, in this case, from out my front door.

Enjoy your springtime outdoors!


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